Account Executive, Circle (Remote)

Circle is building the modern community platform for every creator and brand in the world: think "Shopify for creator/brand-led communities". We make it really easy for creators and brands to bring their discussions, members and content all into one place.

Every day we have dozens of prospective community creators who reach out to Circle and want to talk to a real human. Mostly, they just want to know if Circle is right for them or not. And typically, that means they'd like a 1-on-1 demo or product walkthrough. We do a lot of demos for prospective customers.

Sometimes we also host group demos, or webinars — and sometimes we help customers figure out if Circle meets their needs over email. Either way, we're accessible.

We're looking for someone who's empathetic, loves educating customers 1-on-1, and will become an expert of Circle's product.

This is a remote role, and we're a 100% remote team of 31 (and growing!) based in the U.S., Canada, and distributed around the world. For this role specifically, the candidate will need to be based in the US, Canada, or Latin American time zones. Check out our Careers page for more information about us.


The TLDR: You'll be delivering demos, talking to customers, and helping them evaluate if Circle is the right tool for their specific use case.

Some of your responsibilities would include things like...

  • Deliver 1-on-1 product demos to creators and potential customers who are considering using Circle for their communities.
  • Educate customers (and potential customers) by offering group demo experiences, live training webinars, product coaching calls and office hours.
  • Become a product expert. You'll have a deep understanding of Circle's product, all of the diverse use-cases, and how it stacks up across the competitive landscape of community products.
  • Manage an organized pipeline of inbound leads and deliver high-quality interactions on each touch point with each customer and potential customer.
  • Collaborate with Customer Success to ensure new customers that you've been working with are properly taken care of after the sale is made.
  • Always be improving the demo process and operations around the pipeline — to make it more efficient, more useful for potential customers, and more effective.
  • Proactively collaborate with product and engineering to relay customer feedback, bugs, and learnings that come with working so closely with creators on demos and high-value customers.

Who we're looking for

Well — hopefully, it's you!

  • You like talking to people, you're comfortable doing 1-on-1 demos, and you're comfortable delivering live demos with 10+ people on a call at the same time.
  • You want to do the work to become an expert at the product we're offering here at Circle.
  • You're empathetic and always put the customer first, even if it means they don't use Circle. We don't use aggressive sales tactics or sell Circle to people who don't need it. We tell customers that Circle isn't the right fit for them all the time. Acquiring customers is important. But they need to be the right kind of customers.
  • You love creators and brands that are building community.
  • You have excellent writing skills. A large part of this role will be about communicating, both with customers, prospective customers, and internally on our team.
  • Organization matters to you. You'll be talking with a lot of customers and potential customers. Organization will be key for being able to quickly respond and solve customers problems. You'll also need to be excellent at managing your time.

If you're on the fence about applying, we suggest you apply. We've found that the best teammates come from all types of backgrounds and often have less traditional paths.

How to apply

👋 If you're interested in applying, please email our co-founder Andrew Guttormsen at andrew@circle.so. Feel free to include a quick note about why you're interested in the role, and links to any relevant prior work experience. Thanks!

Circle is a safe and open work environment for everybody. We particularly encourage you to apply if you identify as a woman, are a person of color or other underrepresented minority, or are a member of the LGBTQIA community.