Payments Adoption Lead

Circle is building the modern community platform for every creator and brand in the world: think "Shopify for creator/brand-led communities". We make it really easy for creators and brands to bring their discussions, members, and content all into one place.

We're looking for our first Payments Adoption Lead. Reporting to the Head of Sales, you will play a key role in driving adoption for Circle’s payments features so that our customers - our creators and brands, can monetize access to their community, access to content, events and courses. We have a huge opportunity to help our customers deliver value to the world through their Circle community and earn income from doing so - you will be leading that revolution. To achieve this goal, you will build the end-to-end payments onboarding process for high potential customers, and liaise closely with product/engineering/support teams to support their needs.

This is a 100% remote role. We're now a fully remote team of 40 (and growing!) based in the U.S., Colombia, Portugal, India, Argentina, Slovenia, and other countries. We have a preference for candidates in U.S. and European timezones.

Check out our Careers page for more information about us.


  • You are able to increase the revenue (GMV) that our community builders are earning through the platform and exceed aggressive targets set by the company. You enjoy being metrics focused.
  • You take the time to deeply understand Circle’s payments solutions and the roadmap of the product.
  • You are building a process to identify potential payments customers at all parts of the customer journey (lead, sales development, sales, onboarding, support).
  • You build a way to track the GMV potential of all prospects and customers of Circle as well as KPI’s that will dictate the health of the business.
  • You design custom onboarding experiences that can be replicated by others or potentially moved into the product experience.
  • You excel in customer facing situations. You will enjoy helping the sales, Customer Success and Support teams with live customer interactions. Education, use cases, best practices and positioning skills required.
  • You have tight feedback loops with the product and engineering teams and work with them to provide insights into the roadmap.

Who we're looking for

  • You have experience in a product-led company that had a payments revenue stream that you were involved in.
  • You have a sales or customer success experience - you’ve carried a quota before.
  • You’ve designed technical implementations or onboarding processes.
  • You have experience with Stripe and understand the technical aspects of the platform.
  • You’ve built a small team from scratch.
  • You’re very curious and resourceful. You enjoy delving into the unknown, reading, networking and researching to uncover the path forward.
  • You thrive with autonomy and are self-motivated. We’re a fully remote team. We take care of each other and like having fun, but we’re never going to be in an office together.
  • You can speak and write really well.

How to apply

If you’re interested in joining, please apply here!