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Circle Careers

Circle Careers

About Circle

Circle is the world’s leading community platform for creators and brands.

Our customers use Circle to build a home for their communities, events, and courses — all under their own brand.

Our mission is to help the world build transformational communities.

We have three core beliefs:

  1. Creators transform individuals and change the world.
  2. In the coming years, millions of new creators will follow their life’s calling.
  3. The best way for creators to thrive is to build transformational communities.

Today, Circle powers 10,000+ communities for some of the world’s leading creators and brands.

Our customers range from creators like Ali Abdaal, Dr. Becky, and Jay Shetty, to brands like Harvard, SpaceX, and Oprah Daily.

Circle was founded by Sid Yadav, Rudy Santino, and Andrew Guttormsen in early 2020.

Circle's founders were formerly on the founding team of Teachable, a course platform which has helped creators generate over $1 billion and was acquired for $250 million.

We've raised $30m from 30+ world-class investors.

Some of our investors include the founders & CEOs of companies like Zapier, Hubspot, GitHub, Superhuman, Teachable, Gumroad, ConvertKit, Morning Brew, Adobe, Codecademy, Front, Framer, and ProductHunt.

We’re fully remote international 🗺️

Circle is a fully remote company of 130+ team members based out of 30+ countries in the world. We strive to find exceptional talent around the world, set them up to do the best work of their lives, and in turn, create a meaningful impact in their own lives. We don't track hours, but we do manage for high expectations very closely. We collaborate across time zones, are highly async when possible, and like to document a lot. Twice a year, we bring the whole company together for incredible company retreats in beautiful places around the world.

Our most recent retreat was in Bodrum, Turkey (March, 2024):


👈🏽 Photos from past retreats

Our values

Trust and autonomy — We value people with excellent taste, and those that seek to earn a high degree of trust from everyone they work with by showcasing their best judgement. Once trust is earned, our team members operate with a high degree of autonomy and are trusted to do their best work without too much supervision.
Bias for action — We jump to action with passion and positivity. When faced with challenges and opportunities, we’re able to move fast and get things done. We value achieving tangible outcomes above all else.
Product first — We care deeply about building a world-class product and share a relentless pursuit of excellence, with a strong desire to make our customers incredibly happy. We’re open to sharing or receiving constructive feedback about our product at all times.
Grow together — We give honest feedback to others with the best intentions, and listen to valuable feedback when it’s shared with us. We strive to operate with a growth mindset and grow individuals along with the company. We own our mistakes and avoid finger-pointing when things don’t go our way.
Long-term thinking — We’re here for Circle’s future and value its long-term mission. From time to time, we pause and reflect on the fundamentals. We constantly seek to make trade-offs which benefit Circle’s mission over the course of the next decade — not just the immediate month or quarter ahead.

Our story

Sid Yadav, co-founder and CEO, tells the story of how Circle started (10 min)